Thursday, 12 November 2015

Essential Oils for Your Wedding Day

Wedding seasons are adored by everyone who is going to be a part of the celebrations, right from the bride and groom to family and friends. People get busy shopping, planning, arranging, and everybody enjoys this season. However, it’s the happiest yet the most stressful phase in the life of the bride and the groom. They want everything to be perfect as this day has to be counted among the best days of their lives. 

If you’ve been in that phase or are going to be, you’d know that there is a lot of stress on you being the bride as you want to look the prettiest on the big day but all the stress you take won’t let you. Instead of trying hundreds of chemical beauty products, go for simple natural alternatives in the form of essential oils and see how it would enhance the glow on your face.

Lavender essential oil:
Lavender oil is incredibly appeasing. Those sleepless nights before the arrival of the big day, it happens with every bride. But, it’s important to get good sleep. During this time, lavender oil is your one and only helpmate. It soothes your mind and helps you get a peaceful sleep.

Peppermint essential oil:
Peppermint oil settles up stomach butterflies and nausea. It is also important in providing fresh energy to you.

Lemon essential oil:
When you wake up in the morning, put some of the lemon essential oil in your first glass of water of the day and feel fresh for the whole day. This helps in invigorating energy.

Frankincense essential oil:
Every bride wants a flawless skin and to look the prettiest on her wedding day. Using Frankincense oil gives you an unblemished skin and enhances the glow of your face.

So, go ahead and make these essential oils a colossal part of your wedding to make the big day perfect.  

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