Sunday, 8 November 2015

Consumer’s Guide: All You Want to Know about Essential Oils

When something bad happens to our health, the world stops. Everything gets affected. Going to the doctor and eating those pharmaceuticals is something nobody likes. No worries now. Here’s a natural alternative and it is nothing but Essential Oil. When you’re irked by consuming medicines for every little health problem, stuff your cupboard with some bottles of essential oils and you’ll never have to deal with the pharmacy every single time you fall ill.  

Essential Oils: It is more than just the Aroma
Essential oils are not adored only because of their aroma. They’re a lot more than this. They drill inside the skin easily and heal your body instantly. They show great effects on skin, help in getting rid of acne, blemishes, scars, wrinkles and provide an unblemished skin. They boost up mood, energize your body, treat fungal infections, relieve fever, stimulate hormonal secretions, reduce cough, improve digestion, and boost immune system. They are used as fresheners and disinfectants. Also, they help in relaxing mind and let you sleep better and a lot more.

Ways to use essential oils:
Essential oils can be used in following four ways.
  • Aromatically: Inhaling directly from the bottle. Place essential oils in oil diffuser and use it to derive its numerous benefits.
  • Topically: Adding essential to beauty products like lip balms, lotions, sunscreens or rubbing them on the skin via carrier oil.
  • Steam or vapor inhalation: Add the essential oil to humidifier and inhale the vapors.
  • Direct inhalation: Use personal inhaler for directly inhaling.
 Steps to follow before you buy them:
Before buying the suitable essential oil, these are the steps you can follow for ensuring that you are obtaining the right product:
  • Checking the label: Piracy is hitting every product in the market. You cannot compromise your health by ignoring this simple thing. Just check the label with the Latin name of the plant from which the oil is obtained.
  • Taking the test: To check if the oil is pure or not, you could put a drop on white paper and let dry. If it leaves an oily ring, the oil is not pure.
  • Mark the packaging: Go for dark or amber-colored bottles which help in protecting the oil from being degraded by the UV rays.
Skim through this consumer guide before using essential oils and once you do, use them judiciously.

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