Friday, 20 November 2015

Aromatherapy: The Pleasant Odor of Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils, not to be confused with essential oils, are man-made oils that blend artificial or natural fragrances. These oils are usually used in make-up, home scents, perfumes and aromatherapy. Fragrance oils are also known as fragrant oils, potpourri oil, burning oils and simmering oils.

Historically, natural fragrant oils have been used for thousands of years for many things including ceremonies, freshening up living spaces and anointing. Fragrance oils today have become tremendously popular and can have a variety of uses in the home, office or as vehicle fragrances.

There are benefits of using fragrance oils - they are cheaper, they come in a wider variety of scents (watermelon), and they are sometimes more sustainable than essential oils Fragrance oils will often last longer, and the scent will be stronger, than that of essential oils.

What’s in fragrance oil?
Fragrance oils are a mixture composed of essential oils, synthetic odor chemicals, and aromatic resins.  In order to achieve the scent that a perfumer is trying to achieve, the perfumer has more than 3000 different fragrance ingredients that he may use (natural and synthetic).  These ingredients come in the form of liquid, powder, or crystalline.

Where are fragrance oils used?
 1. If you have unscented candles or some of the less expensive candles that perhaps don’t have enough scent, sprinkle your favorite fragrance oil into the wax near the wick. As the candle burns, the oil will heat up and the fragrance will drift throughout the room.

2. Need a quick air freshener? Add a few drops of fragrance oil to a spray bottle that is full of water. Use the sprayer in any room in need of a fresh up.

3. Fragrance oils also work well for making shoes smell a bit better. Simply sprinkle a few drops in each shoe.

4. If your freshener has lost its scent, simply add several drops of your favorite oil and the bag or dish of freshener is renewed. This can be repeated as many times as you like.

5. For a thoughtful gift, imbue a bookmark or a set of stationery with fragrantoil. Whoever is the recipient of this gift will be reminded of you when they use these items.

6. If you enjoy aromatic linens, place a few drops of oil on paper towels. Take the individual paper towels and place them between sheets, pillowcases or towels.

7. Use several drops of scented oil in your washing machine with each wash for fresh smelling laundry.

FragranceOils offer a great way of keeping your surroundings smelling fresh and fragrant. So, go ahead and get a sweet smelling fragrance oil that matches your personal style. 

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