Monday, 30 November 2015

Are Natural Perfumes Actually a Healthier Choice?

As a teenager, keeping myself well groomed and be ladylike was never my style, I was one hell of a rebel, keeping myself covered with some old rugged clothes, never paying much attention to the hygiene. I never liked to use artificial and loud smelling deodorants as they never appealed my sense of smell neither did they suite my skin. I realized the gravity of my unhygienic habits when I was asked by one of my teachers if I had taken a bath. I was taken aback, to my amazement, I had taken a bath that day and I asked him why he asked such a question. He told me some really harsh but true words, “You do not smell good”.

Smelling Good Qualifies for Good Hygiene
That very day I realized that, smelling good is as important as looking good. Your dressing sense, the way you carry yourself and the way you smell defines a lot of things about you and one of them is hygiene. Buying artificial fragrance was out of the question but smelling good had become  very important, that is when my eyes rolled towards some natural fragrances like Sandal, Chameli, Rose etc.

Essential Oils- The Natural Redeemers                                  
My very first choices were some essential oils of mustard, coconut and flower seeds, these therapeutic essential oils that make up the natural fragrances have healing elements that work on your body, mind and spirit. They enhance mental health, creating well being and perpetuating uplifted states of mind.  All I used to do was apply them gently on the entire body while taking a bath and that was it, it really groomed me in every possible way. Daily body massage made me much more efficient physically, it made my mind and spirit more relaxed and I used to feel confident from inside. With the daily application of these body oils, my skin became more charming and glowing and especially allergy free.

So for those of you like me, who want to feel good and smell nice at the same time, natural body oils and perfumes commonly known as itara is best for you. They bring your mind, body and spirit perfectly right in balance.

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