Sunday, 25 October 2015

Top 4 Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Every girl dreams of having those luscious, long and healthy hair that can make them the center of attraction for any event or celebration. However, owing to the hectic lifestyles, imbalanced diets and environmental irritants like dirt, dust and pollution, problems like hair fall, dull and brittle hair have become more common. Chemical based shampoos and conditioners do more harm to the hair follicles than good, thus resulting in the elevation of these problems. A good solution therefore, is to turn to Mother Nature and find solutions that are long-lasting and can cure the problem from the core. So, we have come up with a list of four essential oils that are extremely beneficial for the health of your hair as well as dealing with the various hair related problems.

Essential oil of Lavender
Well known for decreasing dandruff, the Essential oil of Lavender promotes hair growth. It assists in relaxing the mind and also prevents problems like itching. This essential oil is very effective in treating hair fall. Also, it supports in curing problems like stress, insomnia and anxiety that are common causes of hair fall. It commendably improves hair growth by increasing circulation of blood.

Chamomile Essential Oil
Chamomile essential oil has excellent soothing and calming properties that help in calming the nerves, in turn soothing the scalp too. The oil assists in faster hair growth and commendably lessens falling of hair. A dependable treatment for treating brittle and frizzy hair, the oil is also known for eliminating lice.

Tea Tree Essential Oil
Tea tree essential oil unblocks pores and stimulates the blood flow effectively to assist in hair growth. Eliminating dead skin cells, the oil makes the hair lustrous and stronger. Regulating the oil balance, Tea Tree Oil ensures that your hair grow at a rapid pace, giving you the long tresses that you always dreamt of.

Rosemary Essential oil
Known for its scent, the Rosemary Essential oil is extremely useful in solving hair related problems such as dandruff, hair fall and itching. The essential oil reduces the symptoms of alopecia areta, a condition characterizing hair loss from the body and scalp. Blessed with growth inducing properties, the oil stimulates the hair follicles making them healthy and rendering more strength to each strand.

So, gals you can ditch your chemical based shampoos and conditioners for essential oils as these botanical essences can work wonders for your hair and overall health. 

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