Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Rich Arabian Fragrance- Oud

Oud is the classic aromatic perfume of Saudi Arabia. It is obtained from a unique tree and is sold in form of oils and scented balls. Oud is admired all over the world for its fine and unique aroma that is different from all synthetically prepared perfumes. In this blog, we intend to provide you an overview about Ouds, their source and how these are prepared.

Arabia’s rich perfume Oud is derived from trees found in India, Thailand, Cambodia, Ethiopia and Yemen. Oud, is commonly referred to as agar or agarwood obtained from Aquilaria tree.

Oud is prepared by grinding agarwood and after putting it in distilled pots; it is being covered with water. The process of evaporation and condensation takes place after the lid is closed and the pot is set to heat. The water reaches and escapes out in form of vapors. These vapors follow the path of the tube leading to a condenser, and vapors are subsequently cooled. After being soaked, the mashed agarwood cylinders are ejected into the distilling pots. These pots are made to heat on high flames which are controlled by skilled laborers. A number of distillation processes are carried out for receiving highest and lowest degree agarwood oil. The unused agarwood mesh is then kept for sun-drying and later it is used for making incense sticks.

Bakhoor, the aromatic smoke of Oud, is produced by heating Oud on natural coal and gusts out the incense of pure Oud. Bakhoor, when available in oil form is applied behind ears and on neck for a durable scent. Bakhoor has a great importance in Arabian hospitality. Its burner is lit and passed to guests. When the host gets tired, he burns a chip Oud as a cordial signal of wanting the guests to leave. 

When Oud is crushed and different scents of flowers and oils are added and ultimately molded in the form of balls, Mabthouth is formed.

Medical Uses:
Oud has conventionally been used to treat ailments such as asthma, nausea, thyroid cancer, kidney problems, and post child-birth and lung tumors.

Oud is marking its place in international perfume brands such as Armani, Dior and Tom Ford for its unique long-lasting essence. These brands are using it in their luxurious perfume mixtures and making a huge lot of money. So, if you wish to try a fragrance that is not only lasting but has a natural touch to it, it time to try an Oud. 

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