Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The enchanting world of Attars

The aromatic oils extracted from botanical sources, known as attars, have been used in the entire Eastern world for thousands of years but are more popular throughout the Middle East and in countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan where people buy Attar more often. Based on archaeological excavations in the Indus Valley, the fine art of making attar is believed to have its origin in India. Some of the ancient texts including those from the Vedic period list attar ingredients and also offer recipes for mouth fresheners, soaps, incenses and talcum powders.

Blend of Essential Oils to soothe your senses
However, it would be inaccurate to state that all attars and their derivatives had their beginnings in the Indian Subcontinent, as perfumes in some form have been used across various geographies since the ancient times. Attars are different from perfumes as these are basically a blend of essential oils extracted from flowers, wood and herbs. Since, attars are highly concentrated, these are usually offered for sale in small quantities and a little dab using a cotton bud behind your ears or any other pulse point can leave you feeling fresh and fragrant the entire day. Attar perfumes have a special aura around them as these are generally showcased in decorated crystal cut type bottles or small jeweled decanters, bringing a nostalgic touch!

Rediscovering natural fragrances

With the concept of naturally composed and organic products gaining rapid popularity across the globe, attars have also been rediscovered in the present century and serve as effective alternatives to synthetic perfumes. These come without the risk of allergies, reactions or irritation that might be caused by some of the synthetically manufactured perfumes as these are all-natural. Plus, attar fragrance lasts as long as any stay-on perfume or scent. Today, attars are being used in cultural and religious rituals, as aphrodisiac to enhance sensual enjoyment, and also as a therapeutic aid. In some religions, attars are used as offerings to God during rituals. Some cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and even tobacco-based products use attars to enhance their aromatic appeal.

So, it would not be incorrect to say that the world of attars is truly enchanting! Lose yourself in the aromatic aura of attars for a relaxed, rejuvenating experience. 

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