Sunday, 11 October 2015

Skin Benefits of Sandalwood Oil

Blessed with woody aroma, the sandalwood oil is used for numerous purposes owing to its therapeutic properties. The essential oil of sandal wood is extracted by the method of steam distillation from the wood of mature sandalwood trees. Its long lasting fragrance has made it a popular name in the world of perfumery and scents. Here are some wonderful benefits of sandal wood essential oil. Let’s get started:

Brighter skin tone!
Trusted for its skin-friendly laxative properties, the sandalwood oil soothes the skin efficiently. If ugly scars, blemishes or spots have bashed your skin then the essentials oil of sandal wood will knock them out. Serving the purpose of a cicatrisant, the oil assists in treating skin problems like eczema as well. Being an amazing astringent, it rejuvenates your skin making it more radiant.  

Prevents ageing
The skin starts losing its elasticity with age, which is very prominent. The sandalwood oil delays the process of ageing. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles efficiently to impart a healthy and younger looking skin. The oil even reduces scars and helps in increasing skin elasticity. It is also very effective in lightening the stretch marks.

 Balances oil secretions
Having powerful antibacterial properties, the sandalwood oil fights bacteria and fungi effectively. This helps in preventing breakouts of acne and pimples. Even skin itching can be relieved with this essential oil. The oil subsides inflammation, sore skin and redness of the skin making it clear and younger looking. The essential oil of sandalwood efficiently regulates the oil balance of the skin.

 Sandalwood oil has always been used in rituals and traditions in some cultures and is considered sacred. For skin it works as an all-round tonic to impart you flawless younger looking skin. The essential oil of sandalwood is a great deodorant and is widely used to relieve body odor. So, grab your bottle of essential oil of sandalwood fellas and avail these numerous benefits!

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