Monday, 5 October 2015

Promote Emotional and Physical Wellness with Essential Oils

Essential oils can be regarded as natural and pure perfume owing to their pleasing aroma. Since ages a blend of plant oils have been used for eliminating body odor, arousal of senses and also as part of rituals! After some time man tried to bend the all-natural oils and alcohol to gain profits and it started to be manufactured in bulk as it was less costly. Therefore, the original and unadulterated essential oils were replaced by synthetic version of natural essences.

Nowadays all creams, lotions soaps, bathing gels and conditioners are full of chemical compounds which has significantly polluted our bodies and has taken a toll on our skin! Using naturaloils as perfumes is an awesome way to smell eccentric, feel good and promote emotional and physical wellness! Naturalists are opting for essential oils for therapeutic and medical uses rather than the chemical based preparations.

Essential Oils Used As Fragrance Oils

Ylang - Ylang Essential Oil
 The Ylang - Ylang Essential Oil has a pleasant aroma which is calming and soothing to the senses. The oil is added to myriads of perfumes and other carrier oils to achieve a desired fragrance which not only smells great but also lasts long. Offering a heady scent, the Ylang Ylang Oil can be blended with base notes like vetiver, jasmine and sandalwood. The floral scent arouses the senses significantly.

Jasmine Essential Oil
 Aroma of Jasmine Essential Oil is very exotic and rich.  The oil is known as the king of essential oils. The unique aroma of this oil is refreshing, sweet and pleasing. The floral smell refreshes the senses and uplifts the mood successfully. The oil blends well with base notes like bergamot, mandarin and neroli.

Neroli Essential Oil
Neroli Essential Oil has one of the ultimate smells. Predominantly citrus, the fragrance has a tinge of metallic aroma. The delicate floral aroma of the Neroli oil promotes wellness and can assist you in smelling exceptional all day long. Coming from blossom of the orange tree, the oil instantly refreshes the body and mind.

 So the next time you go for perfume shopping take a break from the regular synthetic preparations and try choosing these essential oils!

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