Thursday, 22 October 2015

How to determine the Caliber of Essential oils

Essential Oils have become a part of our daily lives, owing to awareness through varied sources about their medicinal properties promoting physical and psychological salubriousness. However, judging whether an essential oil is truly natural and authentic might be a daunting task. If you are new to the world of essential oils then you may find it difficult to differentiate an unadulterated essential oil from the adulterated ones. In this discussion we will tell you about the quintessential properties of essential oils that will help you to judge the caliber of essential oils. To purchase a purely authentic and qualified Essential Oil opt for the following methods:

Firstly, check the credentials of the vendor because essential oils are different from general cosmetic products and the vendor should have complete knowledge about what he is selling. To be more clear:
• He himself should be an aromatherapy practitioner or essential oil specialist.
• He must provide verified authenticity papers of the essential oils prior to selling them.
• He must be well renowned in his trade.

Secondly, the details about the product should be provided to the customer on the label of an Essential oil container such as:
Common name, exact genus and species, part of plant processed, type of extraction (distillation or expression) and the method of production.

Thirdly, you can recognize an Essential Oil through smelling it. Acquiring this kind of perfection might take some time but there are some basic techniques that you can work upon. Essential oils are fragrant and have strong aromas of their basic ingredient. The difference between an original product and adulterated one can be easily discovered through the olfactory modality.

Lastly, comparison is another agency to gain proficiency in the discovery of a genuine and unaltered product. Real and veritable Essential Oils are dissimilar to bogus ones, hugely differing in texture, fragrance and colour.

We hope that the above mentioned steps will help you judge the authenticity and caliber of a particular essential oil, thereby helping you make the right purchase. So, go ahead and buy a genuine essential oil for overall wellness today!

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