Monday, 5 October 2015

Give a Treat to your Locks and Skin with the Essential Oil blend!!

Lest you’re deep-frying or filling up the car tank, oil is generally thought of to be bad- especially when it comes to hair and skin. Enter the world of beautifying oils especially formulated to do everything from to strengthening lacklustre locks to brightening up dull complexion.

A potent blend of sweet almond, olive, sesame and jojoba oils; this profoundly conditioning oil is an incredible conditioner. Rubbing of a few drops on skin and massaging on hair and scalp will bring instant gloss and shine to your locks and skin. Oil such as Argan oil is regarded as a complete beauty cure. Loaded with fatty acids and vitamin E, it moisturises and heals almost every part of the skin from chapped lips to cracked foot ankles. Almond oil and lavender oil elixirs is loaded with wonderful properties and antioxidants which calms and balances the skin.

If you’re eyeing for something that will improve dull complexion or reduce those not so good looking fine lines then essential oils are the right choice. Essential Oil blends qualify for an ideal choice for dry hair or skin owing to their super-hydrating properties. These essential oils treat dry or over-processed hair, restore dull hair into lustrous tresses. The moisturising blend oil (sweet almond, olive, sesame and jojoba oils)is a miracle worker that assists you in providing head-to-toe nourishment and protection. Plus, enchanting fragrance of these all natural oils will be a treat for your nostrils in turn doubling the benefit!!

You can also try adding coconut oil to the blend if you are short of almond oil or if you don’t have time to go to the market. The blended uber-lightweight oil will impart sheen to your skin and frizzy, dry hair without making them look greasy. Lightweight and fast-absorbing, these all natural oil rich potions allow you to manage and nourish cuticles, body, facial skin and hair without any trace of residue. So fellas, try adding these wonderful and hardworking natural oils on your dressing shelf today.

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