Monday, 19 October 2015

Choosing Attar over Perfumes

In the enchanting world of fragrances, ‘attars’ have occupied a special place since the very early ages, especially in the middle-east and India. Attar is basically a fragrant oil derived from the extracts of botanical sources such as flowers, herbs or even wood. Extraction is done through steam or hydro distillation. The term itself is an Arabic word meaning ‘scent’, supposedly coined from Persian word ‘Atr’ meaning 'fragrance'. These natural perfumes invoke deep feelings of serenity and joy, transporting you to an exciting world of all that is natural. These are the purest nonalcoholic fragrances and most lasting perfumes containing exotic woods, spices and resins.

Perfume vs. Attar
Over the years, the spell of attars has dimmed to some extent with factory-based perfumes being preferred by men and women across the world. Folks are perhaps fascinated with the fancy labels, attractive packaging and the style statement that tags alongside branded fragrances. However, choosing attar over perfumes can be a good option for those who try to keep away from all that is artificial and like to stick to the natural. The old world of ‘attar’, of tiny cotton buds soaked in a rose or jasmine based fragrance is simply irreplaceable. Be it the early morning scent of the earth in a wood derived attar or the fresh green note of a flower extracted fragrance, ittars have something to stir every soul.

Blending the goodness of nature in aromas!
When we talk about making attars, every fragrance is nothing less than a work of art, something that comes out of the passion of the perfumer. Some blends mimic naturally occurring fragrances like Sandalwood, Rose or Jasmine while others might be a combination of two specially chosen essential oils to create a distinct scent. In fact, in some cultures, there are some spiritual benefits associated with attars. While some believe that attars can ward off evils, others rely upon them for bringing positivity. Saints and those aspiring towards spiritual goals adorn themselves with these attars for assistance in their journey towards enlightenment.

Not only do attars have the capacity to soothe the body, mind and soul but a few drops of a specially formulated attar will last long enough to keep you refreshed the entire day. So, ditch those artificially prepared fancy perfumes and go natural with the ever enchanting ‘attars.’ 


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