Friday, 9 October 2015

Beauty Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil

So, again a new scar has knocked your face making it look ugly!  Or do you keep worrying about how the obnoxious scars left behind by a blemish will fade away? If yes, then try the Vetiver essential oil — a plant based oil that offers myriad of beautybenefits. And trust me the benefits do not stop at scar removal!

Vetiver is a tall perennial leaf that lives for around 50 years. The essential oil of Vetiver is made from the root. The oil of Vetiver has an earthy, sweet aroma. It is used in making numerous creams and lotions due to the beauty benefits imparted by this wonderful gift of nature.

Considered as a cicatrisant, the vetiver essential oil is has the ability to fade scars and heal wounds efficiently. It helps in regenerating skin cells by replacing the damaged ones. Being an awesome antiseptic, the oil is a great addition to your beauty regime. It helps in removing bacteria that cause the skin pores to clog. This in turn helps in reducing acne, blackheads and cysts.

The amazing oil apart from treating scars effectively moisturises the skin too. The oil aids in making the complexion brighter. Vetiver essential oil restores hydration of the skin to make it supple and glowing and removes the harmful effects caused by harsh UV rays of the sun like tanning, skin cell damage and accelerating the process of ageing.

 Loaded with excellent antioxidant and hydrating properties, this essential oil of vetiver fights off the premature ageing war proficiently. The calming effects of the oil help in soothing the skin in turn reducing puffiness. One of the best beauty benefits of the essential oil of vetiver is that is helps in reducing the not-so-good stretch mark by deeply penetrating into the skin, thus restoring moisture and treating the inflamed area.

 So what are you waiting for? Just gab the essential oil of Vetiver and flaunt your renewed, glowing skin J

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