Monday, 12 October 2015

Beauty Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil

Derived from the word “Yasmin,” meaning “fragrance flower,” the Jasmine flower has a romantic, sweet fragrance. These flowers bloom at night and are widely used for preparing perfume, essential oil and incense owing to their enchanting aroma. The petals of jasmine flower elevate the mood in an awesome way, leaving you feeling relaxed and stress-free.

White splendor and exotic smell of the jasmine flower has a wonderful aura. The fragrance of the jasmine flowers is soothing and calming, thus providing an instant relief from anxiety and stress. Whiffing the scent of jasmine releases feel-good chemical compounds that energize the body and mind.

Along with imparting myriads of benefits with a lovely scent, Jasmine Essential oil can serve you in your age battle by delaying the process of ageing and preventing premature ageing. However, the power of this flower does not stop here and below are some other advantages that you can derive by sniffing or slathering this essential oil:
Antiseptic properties:
Being a natural antiseptic, the jasmine essential oil fights fungus, virus, bacteria, and other germs. Having wound healing properties, it prevents infections and inflammations.
Anti-aging properties:
Loaded with antioxidants, jasmine oil can aid in protecting your skin from harmful effect of free radicals caused due to UV rays and environmental pollution. This gives a youthful and glowing appearance to the skin.
Fade stretch marks and scars:
Getting rid of ugly scars is made easier and trouble free with essential oil of jasmine. The oil is very effective in treating wound scars and spots on the skin. It assists in fading of stretch marks.

Moisturises the skin:
The essential oil moisturises the skin by retaining the natural moisture of the skin. The oil does not clog pores in turn preventing blackheads and breakouts. The oil balances the oil secretion and is suitable for all types of skin be it dry, sensitive, normal or oily.

Having great floral natural scent, the jasmine essential oil helps in uplifting the mood too. So, take a break from chemical-based preparations for keeping your skin radiant and turn to nature’s gift- the jasmine essential oil

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