Thursday, 8 October 2015

5 strangest perfumes in the world

A fragrance tantalizes your smell buds and wakes up your aromatic senses. What does a great perfume fragrance do? Make you feel as fresh as a daisy. It makes your heart sing leaving you fresh, light, satisfied and full of confidence. It can lift up your mood and engross your senses excitingly. The aromatic richness of fragrances helps to make a long-lasting impression on the people you are associated with.

But, wait!  

There are some perfumes which can be categorized as “perfume” nonetheless but then they are least likely to serve the same purpose as the conventional perfumes would. You can choose these perfumes that fall under the category of strangest perfumes of the world. Some unthinkable ingredients are used to create these particular perfumes, thus making them unique and quite different from the regular fragrances.  

Out-of-the box fragrances- A challenge to the conventional ones

§  Own DNA fragrance- Want to know what do you smell like? This fragrance represents your biological DNA blueprint that embraces the secret desires of the mind. No two people will smell alike again, so the fragrance is as unique as well. A lot of celebrities have gone for it like Marilyn Monroe, Barack Obama etc.

§  Play- Doh perfume- Re-living our childhood days, is a thing that we all crave for. We wish for a time machine that can take us back to our kindergarten time. If you are missing those days then this perfume is the next best thing closest to it. This fragrance is supposed to take you back to another time and place.

§  Paint perfume spray- Some people just love to spray themselves with a spray paint can, now their wish is granted in the form of this perfume. It comes in a graffiti spray can and in cobalt blue color. Initially turning your skin and clothing blue, it will disappear after some time.

§  Cheese Perfume- Love eating cheese? Want to smell like it all the time? You got to buy this cheese perfume; the earthy and fruity aroma of the pungent blue cheese is now trapped in this wearable perfume.

§  Marijuana- People who don’t even smoke weed also enjoy the smell of cannabis. This sweet, fragrant aroma has a very strong odor, but not an unpleasant one. It’ll make you feel great, giving you the high of experiencing it without actually using it.

Perceptions associated with fragrances
Some notes work beautifully when combined while others are not meant for collaboration. The key is to find which layers go with what and which spoils the equation. Some fragrances can be really strange, irritable and can cause rashes to the skin. Even self-proclaimed perfume experts agree that they are often confused about which perfume to pick as the options are too many.
Just like, one man’s trash is another’s treasure; while some may really enjoy applying these fragrances, some may really find it bizarre. If you love to experiment and try new things you can opt for these out-of-the-box fragrances.

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