Saturday, 31 October 2015

5 Prominent Attar Fragrances

It’s been two decades that Attar fragrances have been elating and satisfying number of customers and the incense connoisseurs who deal in fragrances all over the world. Attars enjoy a popular position in India, Persia and Middle East and are considered to be inaccessible in the west. In India and other Asian countries, Attars are offered as gifts to Gods during prayers. Attars are derived from flowers, spices, herbs and wood, stems. This blog is intended to discuss 5 prominent attar fragrances. 

  1. White Musk: Characteristic, breezy, ascetic, with a powerful long lasting essence- this is what defines White Musk Attar. History has that white musk was the favorite of the greatest Islamic messenger of god, Prophet Mohammad. He claimed it to be one of the best fragrances of the world.
  1. Hajr-e-Ashwadh: This attar is intensive, crude and has a metallurgic touch to it. It has a sacred significance. In Mecca, thousands of pilgrims gather and take rounds of the ‘Kaaba’, the holy stone. Hajr-e-Ashwadh was used to wash this stone every five times a day and before each prayer, it was also put on the walls of mosque.
  1. Champa Attar: Champa Attar is an alluring womanish fragrance derived from Champa tree. Champa tree is considered holy because of its great beauty and wonderful scent. It is directly applicable on the heart points and the pulse points.

  1. Shamana Attar: Shamana Attar is also known as Musk Hina. It possesses an alluring scent of herbs and wood and spices. It has a captivating smell and some suggest it has spiritual power too, thus assisting in diverting problems and bringing mental peace.
  1. Tuberose/Rajnigandha Attar: Rajnigandha found its origin in India. It is obtained from the flower extracts produced from the flowering tops which are distilled with steam, of the Rajnigandha flowers. Rajnigandha Attar is an enticing amalgamation of exotic and floral extracts. It has a long-lasting smell and is the best option to wear while going out to make your presence felt in your peers.
 These fascinating attar fragrances are used as personal perfumes, in sacred activities, traditional sweets for flavor; and also find their application in pharmaceutical industry. You can easily shop for these natural fragrances online these days. 

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