Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Blissfully Aromatic Agarwood Oil

Aura of Agarwood Oil
Agarwood better known as the ‘Wood of God’ has been acknowledged for its therapeutic and medicinal properties since ages. Agarwood Oil is obtained from several species of Agarwood, the most common one being Aquilaria sp. This extremely rare and precious oil has its origins in North Eastern India, South East Asian countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. Many people know Agarwood Oil by the name of Oud Oil or Aloeswood oil as the appellation varies from place to place.

Oud Oil or Agarwood Oil is extracted from the resinous heartwood of the charismatic Agarwood Tree and can be incorporated into lukewarm water for a refreshing bath or applied directly to the skin in little quantities. Agarwood has a very long history of medicinal use and usage as a valuable component of incense. However, Agarwood Oil is also cherished these days by perfume houses, especially in the Middle East, for its divine aromatic properties.

The captivating fragrance of this natural oil comes from a process where fungi infect the trees, producing an oleoresin which saturates the wood, which in turn provides the aroma to Oud.  The fragrance is complex, deep and woody, and is highly prized both as an essential oil as well as incense. Although Agarwood is quite rare, its popularity has managed to reach the aroma therapists and connoisseurs of essential oils even in the West.

When we talk about the perfume industry, there are basically two types of vendors- those who deal in perfumes including solid perfumes, colognes, botanical perfumes, eau de toilettes and natural perfumes, popularly known as ‘mukhallats’. Second type of perfume vendors deal in perfumery ingredients such as essential oils, floral waters, absolutes and CO2 extracts. Agarwood Oil, with its natural captivating aroma has gained admiration among the leading vendors of perfumery ingredients. In fact, 'oud' has become as crucial an ingredient for the big Arabian houses as musk is for the 'big houses' of French perfumery.

There are many grades of Agarwood, and the highest quality wood is extremely expensive. However, you can procure fine, unadulterated Agarwood Oil from some of the reputed suppliers dealing in natural perfumes or ‘mukhallats’ and enjoy its beautiful aroma to your heart’s delight.

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