Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Rediscovering the Aura of Violet Essential Oil

Unshackle your spirit and move on the path of divine existence with the aura of Violet Oil. Somewhat unknown, the aura of Essential Oil of Violet is often underrated. The Essential Oil of Violet has myriads of benefits which assist us to lead a more fulfilling life.

Native to France, Italy, England, China and Greece, the violet perennial is a chunk of Violaceae botanical family. The essential oil of violet is obtained by the process of solvent extraction. Let us have a look at some of the benefits of this essential oil:

Natural pain reliever- the violet essential oil is used to make many medicines round the globe. The oil has a bundle of properties - a decongestant, analgesic and expectorant which is significantly helpful in reliving aches and pains while reducing any inflammation or swelling in the affected area. The oil magically clears the impurities in lungs to aid in sinus and chest ailments.

Beneficial for circulatory and respiratory system- Well respected for its soothing and inspiring properties, the violet essential oil assists in proper functioning of respiratory system, circulatory system and harmonizing the mind.

High therapeutic value- Offering great therapeutic value, the oil supports in proper functioning of lymphatic system in the body by continuous movement of muscles in the body. It also aids in treating tender and sore breasts in females by imparting voluptuous and attractive bosoms.

Aid in sleep disorders- Since the time of Homer and Virgil, the oil is used to treat sleep disorders, easing temper and comfort the heart.

The aura of this wonderful gift of nature is not only limited to health benefits. The oil is used in preparation of a variety of lotions, creams, potpourri and aroma therapy due to its medicinal properties and earthy green floral aroma. The oil is also worn directly as an eau de toilette.

Like all other essential oils, the essential oil of violet is an all-natural alternative to numerous OTC medicines. The ability of this cool moist herb help in regulating the crown chakra which in turn assists in leading a happier and fulfilling life without any road blocks is highly admired by modern naturalists. So, avail the benefits of this superb gift presented to us by Mother Nature.

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