Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Keep Oily Skin at Bay with Essential Oils

Oiliness on the skin is making you look shabby? I know how embarrassing it is when that acne flare- ups on the face, making you wanting to hide your face from everybody. And yes those commercial creams proved to be of no use in turn they added fuel to the problem by creating skin irritations.

 A natural way to treat oiliness is by the means of wonderful gift of nature- the essential oils! Apart from having natural aroma, essential oils are loaded with ingredients which help in lending you soft, supple and glowing skin.

 Tea Tree oil                                                                           
Offering astringent properties, the tea tree essential oil is very useful in treating acne prone skin. Unlike other essential oils, the tea tree oil is mild enough to be put directly on face (few drops). The Tea tree oil assists in reducing acne breakouts and minimizing the pores making the skin youthful and non-greasy.

 Cedarwood oil
Cedarwood oil is very effective in regulating the oil balance. The oil is used to normalize both dry and oily skin. Useful in treating acne and pimples, the essential oil of Cedarwood reduces rashes, eczema and other skin irritations.

Lavender oil
Being an awesome toner, the Lavender oil promotes healing by reducing inflammations. Useful in treating acne, the oil can be put directly on skin (few drops only). Owing to its cleansing properties, the essential oil of Lavender renders a natural glow to the skin and helps in effective regeneration of skin cells.

Grapeseed oil
Like the fruit, grapeseed oil being an antioxidant makes the skin smooth and glowing. Grapeseed oil regulates oil balance of the skin making it look brighter. The oil also assists in making the skin grease free. Delaying the signs of ageing, the oil reduces wrinkles and fine lines adding a youthful appearance to the skin.

There is no doubt that essential oils are very effective in treating acne prone skin and those ugly pimple scars. So say bye-bye to the old greasy looking skin and flaunt your healthy blemish free skin with these gifts of nature.

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