Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Keep Anxiety at Bay with the Essential Oils

Emotional disorders like depression and anxiety have been hotly debated in the recent past. In today’s fast pacing hectic lifestyle, feeling down or getting depressed has become very common. Rather than opting for heavy medications it is better to choose a natural, soothing way to fight stress and relieve all your worries.

Having a powerful effect, the aromatic scent of essential oils crosses the brain barrier and efficiently aids in reducing depression, stress and anxiety by relaxing the mind and body. Essential oils assist in treating stress and related emotional disorders in an all-natural way.

 Here, I am going to share the names of some essential oils which can work wonders in treating stress and anxiety. Let us begin with number one:

Lavender Oil
Since ages, Lavender Oil is noted for its calming effect on senses. The attractive scent of the oil is deeply relaxing. Offering an awesome floral scent, the essential oil of lavender instantly uplifts the mood and relieves feeling of sadness. The molecules of the scent of Lavender Oil reach the brain and relax the mind and body.

Wild orange
Efficient in altering stressed emotional state, the Wild Orange Essential Oil lowers down the feelings of anxiousness. The oil is very helpful in easing stress as the citrus aroma of the oil is very refreshing. The oil not only helps in improving the mood but also brings in a sense of well-being when diffused.

Bergamot Oil
 Efficient in boosting the mood, the Oil of Bergamot aid in treating disorders like stress, depression and anxiety which can have horrendous effects in long run. The oil elevates the mood by promoting feelings of relaxation and easing tension. Bergamot Oil is very useful in lending restful sleep.

Balance Oil
As the name suggests, Balance Oil creates a sense of well-being and calmness. Promoting tranquility, the oil helps in easing stress leaving you serene. The oil is the blend of blue tansy, rosewood, spruce and frankincense. This oil is an instant mood elevator.

So, avail the wonderful benefits of essential oil and ease depression and anxiety in an all- natural and easy way. Bathe, diffuse, inhale or massage to relax the mind and body and lead a more fulfilling life.

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