Friday, 11 September 2015

Every Perfume Journey has a Beginning…About Time You Made Yours

We often come across folks who plunge into discussions about perfumes and fragrances but it soon become apparent that they don't really know what perfumery is all about. We are not talking about the technical aspects of perfumes but the ability to decipher and relish different fragrances.

We believe the fault lies in people not having really undertaken the journey that is required in this niche to develop the credentials to recognize and appreciate different scents. In this discussion, we talk about undertaking the journey that leads to a world of infinite possibilities, fragrances that will enthrall you forever…

Loosen Yourself, Literally and Psychologically

Many people say that discovering different perfumes becomes so overwhelming that they have to quit. What seemed fascinating during the first few weeks soon turns daunting. We believe the challenge lies in relaxing your senses and actually feeling the scent. Too many folks get confused between enjoying the scent and testing it. Please understand that you are not a professional perfumist. You are not being paid the big dollars for deciphering every note so, you don't need to have a highly developed sense of smell. The most critical aspect o this journey is to learn to experience the fragrance without any bias, any preconceived notion, any impression of the label, and most importantly, any anxiety as if your life depended on it.


Stop Obsessing about Loosing Your Sense of Smell

Our interaction has revealed another fact—people who start their journey into the wonderful world of perfumes develop a notion that their sense of smell is being ruined due to over-use. Stop over-thinking this. You are not exploiting your senses. There is no limitation set on how much the human olfactory senses can be pushed to and you have no reason to worry. Your nose will not cheat on you. During the first few weeks, it is natural that your nose seems overworked as you try to identify the lightest of smells and scents. With time, your nose will develop the dexterity it takes to walk this path. Think of it as a foodie on a world tour to taste every cuisine. There will be times when the taste buds will seem overwhelmed but they will not go bland just because they have been used a lot.

This journey needs no planning, no need to make mental notes…just think of it as an exploration that will last a lifetime. It does not have any goals, it does not yield physical rewards. The pleasure lies in discovering blends and notes that you didn’t know existed.

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