Monday, 14 September 2015

Celebrity Perfume Marketplace: What’s Cooking?

We don't have a personal vendetta against celebrity branded perfumes but there is something about them often irks us. From the latest of Cristiano Ronaldo perfumes to those launched recently by pop-stars, the list of celebrity perfumes launched with much fanfare is endless. We will be picking one such recent release, using it as the background for our discussion about celebrity scent trends that prevail today.

That Sofia Vergara Perfume

Sofia Vergara might not have made it big in the world of movies but the Modern Family star certainly has created quite a fan following. Her new fragrance is called “All About Love” and it is the name rather than Sofia’s perfumery credentials that made us a bit curious about the scents at play here. Apparently, the lady is launching the perfume to celebrate her upcoming marriage. We couldn’t help getting a whiff of manufacturers banking on the celebrity fragrance market as the real reason, not that we have any reason to complain.

To some extent it does make sense since the lady here is a Colombian—belong to a nation where wearing perfumes comes naturally to nearly everyone. We do understand the Colombian heritage at play and apparently this is also what brings that Spanish edge to this wonderful looking lady.  The only question that we have on our mind is that whether perfumes promoted, or developed, by celebrities actually involve the personality. Whether a scent has been fronted by Vergara or the eternally beautiful Elizabeth Taylor, do these folks really know what they are doing—perfumery does not come easy and just testing some notes or understanding them really does not make you credible enough to launch a perfume, let alone launch it under your name or namesake!

We can understand being involved in the development process, but has a celebrity really gone through the grind or gained the expertise it takes to develop a perfume? Ask any seasoned perfume artist and he will tell you that if you are using #natural #fragrances, creating a perfume is nothing less that doing a masterpiece.

Despite our not so enthusiastic outlook about celebrity perfumes, we do like the Vergara perfume for its typically Colombian notes that are somewhat floral and a bit caffeine-laced. Even the press release says the use of coffee flower—putting our observations in the “well-done” category.

What we are not liking is that the launch is being supported with the usual circus across media channels where more than the fragrance notes, the celebrity is being spoken about. From shopping channels to ad campaigns on Google, it is all about the perfume being because Sofia Vergara happens to be so “perfect”. We believe a real perfume should be able to engage attention even though it is not overtly promoted on lifestyle and beauty magazines, which is not the case here.

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