Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Beauty Benefits of Essential Oil of Citronella

The wedding season is round the corner and again those ugly-looking pimples have knocked your face making it impossible to flaunt your natural beauty??? Tried those beauty creams, lotions, face packs and what not, but for no good! These creams are filled with nasty chemicals which many a times give you instant relief but might cause skin irritations in the long run, making it difficult to enjoy blemish free smooth skin.

So, to relieve you from all these worries, today we are going to tell you an all-natural secret which will lend you a healthy glowing skin from within- The Essential Oil of Citronella. Extracted from Cymbopogon Nardus, the Essential Oil of Citronella is a gift of nature to beauty. Imparting a bag full of benefits for health, the Oil of Citronella provides numerous benefits for your skin and locks too.

Healthy Glowing Skin
Acting as a perfect dewormer, the Oil of Citronella imparts a natural glow to the skin by keeping the internal system pure and clean. Offering antibacterial properties, the oil keeps infections like warts, acne, boils etc. at bay. The antiseptic nature of this oil prevents skin septic. Apart from toning the skin and improving the complexion, the oil makes the skin healthy and glowing effortlessly in an all-natural way.  The oil is an excellent insect repellant which prevents your skin from getting those not-so- good- looking mosquito bites. The oil tightens the pores of the skin making it youthful and smoother. Yeah way to go!

Flaunt Those Strong Lustrous Locks
Citronella oil is noted for controlling oil on the scalp. It helps in making the hair look lustrous and grease free. Being an awesome conditioner, the essential oil of citronella softens and smoothens the hair follicles imparting them a gorgeous non greasy look. Adding volume to your tresses, the oil aids in keeping fizziness at bay.

Having number of benefits for the skin and hair, the Essential Oil of Citronella is used in the preparation of myriad of skin creams, conditioners, shampoos and lotions since ages across the globe. So, try using the oil of citronella to flaunt your splendor.

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