Monday, 7 September 2015

6 Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Exotic

Rightly said, “There is no place like home in the world”— a relaxing environment at home can eliminate the lethargy, rendering peace of mind and solace. While nature offers many refreshing fragrances, there are synthetic fragrances too that can create a rather whimsical environment for a relaxing experience – not just at the spas but homes too. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy a laidback environment after a hectic day at workplace?

In today’s discussion, we’ll talk about a few simple ways to make your home breathe freshness and positivity:


Infuse a Pleasant Aura with Dimly Lit Aromatic Candles

Brighten up the otherwise mundane interiors of your living space with dimly lit aromatic candles that not only liven up the aura but also dispense a lingering scent, soothing to the senses. Free from synthetic chemicals, the aromatic candles can be used to instantly elevate the over-all charm of your living space. Available in myriads of colors, sizes and designs, to suit your requirements, you can pick something that appeals to your senses.


Exotic Air fresheners – Relax, Rejuvenate and Retreat

Creating a soothing environment, the exotic aroma of the air fresheners can revive and revitalize your frame of mind to imbibe positivity. You can also create a warm and welcoming environment for the guests and set the right tone for laidback socializing – all with the help of air-fresheners sprayed generously in your stylized decors. And while you do that, be assured that they are toxin free and skin friendly too.


Potpourri Please!

Potpourri – the delicately scented dried leaves, spices and flowers! You can eliminate the hassle of spraying, burning or lighting any fragrance exuding object and simply drop a pack of potpourri here and there. The aromatic fragrance of the potpourri will linger throughout your living space and will instantly calm your senses, relieving you from stress. For those who would like to experiment with exotic fragrances, can also make their own potpourris at home.


Deodorize with Bukhnoor Burner

Aromatize your living space with bukhnoor burner way as they brush out all lethargy. You can create a deodorized environment by opting different Arabic fragrances to burn in a censer available in the market. The fragrance emitted by the burner will add a tranquil atmosphere to the place efficiently and eliminate the odor in a hassle free manner.


Rejuvenate the Environment with Mesmerizing Aroma

Incense sticks are a cost effective way to wake you up from the out-of-bed mode instantly. The fragrance of the incense sticks helps in neutralizing the odors in the environments. The fragrance of incense sticks does Holistic healing by stimulating the senses.


Scented Powders

Trigger the senses in an enchanting way with fragrant powders available in the market. The scented powders made from natural fragrances uplift the ambiance of any place adding a relaxing touch to the environment. The powder’s captivating aroma is just a sprinkle away, with obvious benefits of natural fragrances which are generally challenging to find in synthetic fragrances. Just sprinkle scented powder in the nooks of the home, tabletops etc. The powders will suck up all the bad smell in the environment and brighten the otherwise sulky mood


Embrace the Natural with Mukhallat

A Mukhallat is a mixture of pure oils such as Dehn Al Oudh, Rose, Musk, Sandalwood, Amber that are combined to create a perfume oil. This popular Arabic composition provides a delightful natural fragrance that can refresh your body, mind and soul.

There is a line of natural fragrances to choose from available in the market. If you like strong fragrance you can try natural fragrances with woody and musk base notes. Herbaceous and floral fragrances like lavender, rose, and jasmine are great flowery notes and would be perfect for people with floral preferences.  The natural aromatic fragrances are a quick way to soothe instantaneously. So, pamper yourself with the pleasing essence of the natural fragrances

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