Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Your Window into the Mystical World of Layering Fragrances – Part I

Basics of Layering Fragrances: Stronger Scents Come First

We have done some research into this subject and we have reached a conclusion—there is a lack of genuine, authoritative resource on layering fragrances. Purists believe that it is best left to the experts while enthusiasts like us say that you can develop this craft.


Deciphering Difference of Opinion in Layering Fragrances

Yes, fragrances can be and should be masked and layered to create something more exotic. However, the dedicated perfume-maker would not like his craft to be looked upon as a hobby. Amateurs in the niche of perfume-i-zation might interpret this as a joyful, explorative journey without realizing the seriousness at work.

We believe that layering is not tempering with fragrances. If done with sincerity, it is an effort to create that perfect balance. The difference lies in the approach of the creator. Experimentalists need not be looked upon as being respectful to perfumery. There is always scope to discover something better by layering fragrances. Some degree of playfulness in discovering new combinations is vital.

This is a personal journey. Layering is about personalizing delicate scents to create something that appeals to your senses.

Getting Started with Layering Fragrances: Start Safe, Stay Citrusy

We recommend getting started with citrus notes. The reason lies in the ease with which citrus fragrances blend. The blending and masking is a lot easier to handle. You can play with amber, woody, and floral notes when starting out. Citrusy fragrances seldom overwhelm. This gives you the assurance of never over-layering which is perhaps the most common issue with amateur perfume enthusiasts. These combinations help to ease you into the world of scents.

Always layer with the stronger fragrance first, bring the lighter notes later so that the stronger notes don't conceal the underlying notes. This also allows the secondary perfume to blend rather than simply get mixed and wasted.

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