Monday, 24 August 2015

Your Guide to Buying the Right Perfume

Even self-proclaimed perfume experts will agree that often they are confused about which perfume to pick—the options are too many and usually, there is little or no guidance. In this discussion, we try to bring some awareness about the subject without sounding academic. Perhaps, we should have discussed their earlier but then, it is always better to make-up for our mistakes rather than carry on repenting. So, where we go…


DON'T Get Emotional, if you do, go all the way…

This might sound strange but our memory, emotional memory can be very decisive when it comes to choosing a perfume. We tend to associate certain odors and scents with scenarios and places that we adore or have yearned for—for instance, you might love the old wooly fragrance that your grandma’s sweater had imbibed. When choosing a fragrance, your emotional memory might unconsciously guide you towards a perfume that has some subtle notes that seem similar. There are two ways to handle this. Either choose not to be led by such emotional impressions or if you do, don't stop and regret. Let your mind rule and indulge without looking back.


Buying Online or In-store perfumes?

There is a lot of talk about buying your fragrance in the store. People who peddle this theory believe that this is the best way to make a wiser selection since you get a hands-on trial. We don't agree with this though some advantages are rather obvious. Our reservations lie in the face that in-store perfume purchases face problems like:

  • Olfactory senses being overcome by other scents in the air
  • Salespersons trying to influence our decision
  • Too many new brands vying for your attention
  • After a few splashes, the layered effect comes into effect
  • Deciphering small differences between different scents becomes difficult
  • Ridiculous high pricing by some boutique perfume stores


Play it Smart: Buying Perfumes Online Works!

Instead, we recommend using a combination of in-store and online strategy but buying online. Here, you should do some of your perfume homework on the web. Just tap into Google’s riches to provide systematically listed information. Try to narrow down the kind of flavor you are looking for and make a list. Carry the mental list to a store and try out the fragrances you prefer. Ask questions about the purity of these perfumes. Then, go back to your laptop and make the online order. This way, you have tested the scent and bought it with some serious savings. The best of both worlds and there is nothing unethical about it!


Trust Your Instincts…Don't Get Scientific

We advise you not to believe too much what a perfume brand or fashion house has to say about a fragrance. This is a very intimate decision. Only you can figure out what works for you. For instance, if you prefer woody scents, Agarwood perfumes can work wonders. If you prefer floral scents, Lavender can be a great selection. The idea is to go with what relaxes you or makes you feel empowered. We have heard these absurd theories about blondes and those with fair skin finding peace in floral scents. Ditch the rules and explore the entire playing field.


Try to Experience the Real Stuff

Remember that a scent can be contaminated if there are too many competitors around. So when you are trying a dab on your wrist, don't wear strong colognes, aromatic oils or cosmetics that can conceal facts. Even shampoo residues can interfere with your true interpretation of a perfume. This is why has always advocated and followed the concept of retailing pure perfumes without the alcohol and chemical additives that can ruin the purity.

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