Thursday, 6 August 2015

Smell Pretty With Natural Fragrances

A fragrance has the power to lift up your mood and engage your senses impressively. The aromatic richness of fragrances helps to make a lasting impression on our peers and close acquaintances. A great perfume fragrance can make you smell great and also fill you with confidence. Synthetic fragrances can be irritable to the skin and can cause rashes. So, try opting for their natural counterparts. Natural fragrances do not contain any toxins and are free from petrochemicals, making them suitable for any skin type; especially sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Here, we are going to discuss the basic categories of natural fragrances available in the market to choose from:

Woody Fragrances

Natural fragrances have a wide range of woody fragrances ranging from mossy woods to dry woods. These fragrances exude a soothing fragrance and have a richer composition than the traditional flowery perfume fragrances. For instance, Woody fragrance like Dehn El Oodh Shurouq is a mesmerizing fragrances in the genre of woody fragrances.

Floral Fragrances

As the name suggests, floral fragrances are created mainly from flowers that have a rich aroma. Soft floral and oriental floral notes are the popular favourites in this category. These natural fragrances are mainly created by using aldehyde, floral and spicy hints in the fragrance. Jasmine, rose, carnations, gardenias, orange blossoms and lavender are some of its chief sources. Floral fragrances are the most popularly used perfumes in the line of natural fragrances.

Fruity Fragrances

The fruity line of natural fragrances includes citrus, green, water, apple fragrances. Fresh and lively, this fragrance instantly relaxes the mind. They are mainly composed of orange, grapefruit and other fruity notes to give a spicy hint to the perfume.

There is a line of natural fragrances out there in market to choose from. People who like strong aroma can go for woody, musk or mossy notes, while floral fragrances would be a great pick for admirers of conventional fragrances. Natural fragrances are a great way to smell great for long hours. These skin-friendly perfumes are prepared from plant extracts and are very obliging in refreshing the senses.

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