Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Part II of Our Discussion about Layering Fragrances

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Basics of Layering Fragrances

Layering Scents can be a Self-taught Craft
Some notes work beautifully, in partnership while others not meant for collaboration. The key is to find which layers brew well and what upsets the equation. Don't get too hooked on what others have to opine about the art of layering. Remember that learning this is a journey. Your emphasis should be on experimenting. Using subtle notes more is recommended. This decreases the chances of losing on the exclusivity of a particular type of fragrance.

Get Creative for Perfume Layering

Layering perfumes is an art that only the seasoned perfume-makers can boast of having mastered. Yet there is scope for folks like us to layer, explore and lose ourselves in the beautiful world of fragrances. We believe the most critical aspect of layering is the mindset you bring to play. Yes, unless you are ready to self-explore, layering will not be an enjoyable experience. Getting too textbook-dependent is not the ideal way to discover fragrances. You need to have some patience and a bit of child-like enthusiasm.

Indulge to Discover

This might be a bit premature but you need to get creative with the palette of textures. This does not mean spraying a scent on top of a dab of deodorant rub-on! We mean textures that dress-up a fragrance. For instance, you can create a base with a body lotion. You can use something as basic as a dab of Vaseline or moisturizing cream without a strong fragrance. When sprayed on a dressed surface of the body, around it or on bare skin, layering has beautifully different results.


Rosing Around, Yes…it Helps!

We are often surprised by the number of queries we get about Rose Oil. Deemed the most common among pure essential oils, it is also highly priced and revered by the scent-loving community. Despite its universal presence, rose fragrances remain an enigma to most. The usual variety you buy in the market contains very little of the real stuff. It is usually an overwhelming floral scent masked by some rose notes. This is not what we recommend. Be ready to spend a bit more to get the real stuff. Rose fragrances are the most versatile.

Easy to identify, they blend beautifully well with natural ingredients. We recommend using rose fragrances when you want to brew something more romantic. Don't depend upon rose for masculine or musky layering requirements. This is about smelling outdoorsy, garden-like aroma that makes you feel good with a single whiff. The iconic Rose Oil should be bought with great attention to detail. There are too many fakers out there selling imitations that might not harm your skin but don't have the traits of pure rose fragrances.

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