Monday, 3 August 2015

Not Just The Perfume, Its Packaging Too Matters!

Changing Buyer Perceptions about Perfume Packaging
Perfume-makers might deny but industry experts holistically agree that perfume retail is about how the product is packaged. It is difficult to predict the consumer mindset, i.e. whether the buyer is looking solely for quality of contents, the fragrance and pricing or the purchase decision is affected by how the product is packaged.

Importance of Perfume Packaging: a Truth No One Can Refute

However, the industry is quickly realizing that if a perfume selection does not boast of an aggressive advertising campaign or celebrity branding, its packaging can make an impact. This applies to boutique perfume makers in particular. The fact remains that among perfume brands that don't boast of massive volumes are driven by how they are able to create a visual impact. Thus, their appearance, the manner in which a perfume bottle engages attention when placed on the table matters.


Look Better to Sell Better: Emerging Perfume Industry Norm

Some perfume companies have started investing significantly into creating bottles that can grab attention and create some sort of recall value. This applies to natural fragrance marketplace too where pure essential oils and woody scents of Agarwood should ideally have a ready consumer owing to their overwhelming purity. However, these perfumes too might lose appeal if not packaged properly. It seems that the purity of ingredients can be overshadowed by how the product is presented!


Difference in Outlook Towards Different Packaging

There is a marked difference in how different perfumes are packaged. Some premium brands, priced exorbitantly might use minimalistically styled bottles. However, the regional perfume industry might opt for decorative casings. These are more attention grabbing with their crystal designs as compared to the slightly plain packaging found among the global brands.


Current Trends in the Perfume Packaging Niche

The emerging perfume marketplace is showing strong signs of an inclination towards creative packaging. This is neither very decorative nor bland. The creations are some what bespoke, using every unthinkable material, ranging from cork to seasoned woods, bits of sequins, etc. The trend is slowly catching up. Retailers are beginning to understand that sometimes elaborate bottles make perfumes look more desirable. Another emerging trend is the love for vintage perfume bottles. Surprisingly, many collectors and serious buyers of old-world perfume bottles are surfacing.


Why invest in Packaging?

For some perfume-makers, the packaging is the branding itself. For instance, makers of Oudh and Agarwood scents often rely on easily noticeable packaging. This creates a kind of market segmentation without the need to invest in shelving or promotion. Contemporary styles in perfume packaging are also about artistic influences. Swiss Arabian and French-style perfume packaging, with a slightly retro touch, seems to be rising in a big way. Another significant change in packaging perceptions among the manufacturers is to package to look apart. This means perfume-makers are ready to indulge in high-end designing just to create a perfume bottle so exclusive that a single glance at the shelf means easy product identification.


The Buyer Mindset & Perfume Packaging

For some buyers, particularly the younger lot, who are on the upswing in terms of aggregating income, the packaging also suggests the kind of perfume on offer. For many, lighter perfumes are more likely to be packaged without too much glitter. A lot of bling might be interpreted as fragrance that is overpowering. However, there is little data to suggest that this is an established pattern among existing or prospective buyers.

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