Saturday, 1 August 2015

Learn the Art of Blending Essential Oils

Blending Essential Oils is an Acquired Art
Do you like to use essential oils in candles for filling your home with a mesmerizing fragrance, in bathing water to relax your senses or to heal your ailments but are hesitant about blending them? Then you need to know that blending essential oils is not a rocket science, but it is an art that is easy to master.  Here we will share the basics of blending essential oils so that you can start making your own synergy blends.

Why do you want to use essential oils?
You need to determine why do you want to blend these oils? And what use they will be put to?
Choosing Quality Essential Oils
There are varying qualities and types of essential oils available in the market. If you have decided their usage purpose, you can easily decide the quality too. Almost all essential oils are for external use only and some brands offer therapeutic usage. Some of these are not pure essential oils as they contain fillers or additives.

Find Essential Oils with Needed Properties 
It is best to first research which oils have the desired properties that you need. This will help you know about the various options that are available to choose from.

Blending Based On Categories and Notes 
This step might look tricky, but believe us, it is not that confusing. Firstly, you need to pick and choose oils based on their “category” and “note”. This technique ensures that your final blend is fragrant. Remember, essential oils from the same categories tend to blend well together.

Blending and Testing the Blend 
You can actually start the blending process once you have narrowed down your oil choices based on their usage and notes. We recommend that you start with just ten drops of oil so that you can test your blend without wasting too much. Now, you must be wondering that how much oil is to be used. Then, the rule of preparing a blend of essential oils is; use 30% top note oil, 50% middle note oil, and 20% base note oil.

Let Your Essential Oil Blend Relax 
After mixing the oils keep the blend aside and let it rest for 24 to 48 hours. This resting period allows the ingredients of different essential oils to harmoniously blend together.

Now It’s Time To Test 
You can test the blend of essential oils firstly just by smelling it and then can try to mix it with carrier oil and smell it again.

If suppose you do not like the smell, then you can start the process again by varying the amount of oils used or you can choose to use different oils all together. Just remember that when it comes to mixing of essential oils for creating a blend, possibilities are endless!

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