Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Get Familiar with Mabsoos, Mabthooth & Muattar in Bakhoor Fragrances

Chips of Bukhoor, dried and flaky but fragrant.
People often confuse Bakhoor with Mabsoos or Mabthooth. Agreed, all these are names of fragrant extracts of the Agarwood tree but there is a slightly difference among them. Mabsoos does not have that tablet-like form we associate with Bakhoor. Mabthooth is essentially small scrapings or shavings of the Agarwood chips, usually derived from the bark. An equally rich source of essential oils, Mabsoos is known to have a slightly subtle effect when compared to Bakhoor.

Get Familiar with Mabsoos and Bakhoor Blends

There are different ways of approaching this. Some perfumers like to mix all types of Agarwood extracts with some fine Agarwood powder. However, this might not be the best approach. We recommend combining Mabsoos and Bakhoor with an emphasis on ensuring that the Bakhoor continues to simmer for a longer period. Soaked in essential oils the Mabsoos shavings tend to emit the fragrance a bit quicker than the pure Agarwood content of Bakhoor. Please understand that almost all forms of Mabsoos or Bakhoor will use Oudh in some form.

Get Familiar with Muattar

Muattar is very close to Bakhoor and Mabsoos since it is made from the chips that are used for extracting Oudh Essential Oil. These chips contain trace amounts of the oil, still volatile enough to emanate a strong fragrance. Muattar chips too are used in various concoctions that incorporate Bakhoor and Mabsoos to create exotic natural fragrances. Muattar chips might be soaked in different essential oils to create an exclusive fragrance. The embedded oils and trace oudh oil come together to exude an incomparably strong fragrance.

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Why opt for Mukhallat to experience Bakhoor & Mabsoos Fragrances?

As the word “Mukhallat” suggests, we are all about creating the perfect blends. We are expert perfume-makers with a craftsman-like approach. We bring the same enthusiasm to blending Bakhoor, Mabsoos and Muattar along with the best of essential oils in this niche such as Rose and Oud to create exotic blends. Bakhoor Mabsoos Isra is one such proposition. Try it today to discover fragrances that transcend all senses!

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