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Get Familiar with Bakhoor Mabsoos Isra

Even if you are familiar with the basics of the world of Arabian Perfumery, this discussion should help you. Today, we are discussing Bakhoor Mabsoos—one of the purest, most revered fragrances in the niche of natural scents. Please note there are many cheap mimics out there that make Bakhoor fragrances using cheap, chemical substitutes. At, we ensure that only natural, 100% real products are used.

Get Familiar with Basics of Bakhoor
Bakhoor is not like incense, being an entirely different proposition. Bakhoor tablets are available to be slowly heated that helps to release the fragrant essential oils. The tablets contain powdered agarwood chips—the main ingredients along with some other natural products. Other ingredients in Bakhoor are present in trace amounts. Many of them are soaked in other types of fragrant essential oils. These scents naturally complement the aura of Agarwood. This includes sandalwood and rose essential oils apart from oud and jasmine.

Get Familiar with Properties of Bakhoor

Bakhoor is also spelt and pronounced as Bukhoor and is considered a sacred form of home fragrance option. Many people reserve the use of Bakhoor for special events only like celebrations during the Ramadan season or weddings and festivals at home. Though there is something universal and unisexual about Bakhoor, it is often associated with women, particularly when used as a fragrant essential oil. Some users of pure, traditional Bukhoor describe the scent as being seductive. We believe this is a matter of personal choice.

Get Familiar with Using Bakhoor Tablets

Some manufacturers have started selling incense sticks, branding their product to contain some amount of bukhoor. We opine that this is perhaps the worst way to try this beautiful fragrance. Bukhoor is not supposed to be ignited. Being slightly woody in nature, the Agarwood content is supposed to be heated consistently and gradually without smoking out the product. The traditional method of slowly burning Bakhoor tablets using a burner with charcoal being the fuel is a very sensible approach. The smokiness of charcoal adds to the flavor. Today, electric burners are easily available.

Start Your Bakhoor Journey with the Mukhallat Isra

If you want to explore the beauty of Bakhoor without allowing the fragrance to overpower you, we recommend trying the Bakhoor Mabsoos Israa bestseller from our series of Bakhoor fragrances. It uses the perfect blend of woody Bakhoor and Mabsoos, helping you get acquainted with this type of fragrance.

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