Friday, 21 August 2015

Explaining the Exoticness of Marhaba Agarwood Oil

Agarwood has earned global fame for its unique woody scent. This exotic fragrance comes from the resinous Agarwood oil found in the woody bark. Agarwood Oil is sold in many ways and among these Agarwood Oil blends are rather famous. We recommend the Marhaba Agarwood Oil—is has the created the perfect blend of aromatic, soul-pampering scents with Agarwood Oil being the major ingredient.


Why Marhaba among the many Agarwood Oil concoctions available today?

The secret lies in using the purest form of Agarwood and blending it with subtle care. Using Dehn Oudh procured from the forest of Cambodia and Assam (India), this essential oil blend has everything to infuse that soulful woody scent without being too strong on your senses. The magic of Marhaba Agarwood Oil also lies in the purity of natural extracts—the essence has not been contaminated with adulterants of any type. This is not among the new breed of essential oils where the traditional formulations have been tampered with to enforce a new fragrance. The approach here is to sustain the classic—a mesmerizing fragrance that slowly grows on you, creating an addiction-like effect. A skin-friendly Oudh oil, is come without alcohol.


Thinking about gifting Agarwood oil? Consider Marhaba Agarwood Oil

You must read our earlier discussion about packaging essential oils. The current marketplace for exotic perfumes is such that the presentation can make a huge impact. It can turn probable buyers into serious shoppers and engage some serious online attention too. Marhaba Agarwood Oil scores rather well in this sphere. Its packaging is rather luxurious, attention-grabbing enough to make for a smartly chosen gifting option. The black faux leather box contains a beautiful bottle of Agarwood Oil, ready to be gifted to your friend.


What to expect from Marhaba Agarwood Oil?

You can buy this Agarwood oil without the slightest apprehension. It happens to be a bestseller, not just in the niche of premium Arabian scents but also contemporary, modern scents. The fragrance is slightly musky, tweaked to perfection. The overall flavor is rather sweet with the woodiness rather palpable. The fragrance is augmented when you apply Marhaba Agarwood Oil after a warm bath. To test the scent, you can put a few drops on your clothes. If you are thinking of mixing it with some other oil, we recommend a bit of Lavender Body Oil.

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