Friday, 7 August 2015

The Fine Line Between Smelling Good and Being Awfully Scented

Find Out if There is Something Like Too Much Perfume?
Moving away from the norm of discussing perfume industry norms or familiarizing you with pure essential oils, we are exploring something different—presenting tips on making your scent last longer. You will be surprised at realizing that how the simplest of changes in your perfume-wearing habits can make a huge impact.

Nothing Too Less, Not Too Much and Target the Right zones

Spritzing fragrance is highly misunderstood and under-appreciated. To make the scent last longer, you need to apply it more sensible. Think of it has being at the cocktail counter. If you consume too many, chances are that you will repel people. If you consume too little, chances are that you will feel under-cooked, unsatisfied. The right recipe lies in applying the fragrances in what are called hot zones or target areas. Don't apply more than one or two drops of the perfume. Ensure you dab it around your neck, midriff and the inside of your elbows. If you happen to prefer applying colognes, you can go up to six drops. Anything more and you are in risky territory of looking too desperate. Some people call these zones as pulse points. This is because these spots tend to emanate some amount of body heat. Behind the ears and knees is another one such fragrance applying area.

Indulge but Don't Abuse a Fragrance

This might be hard for some of you to digest but yes, something known as too much of ‘smelling good’ actually exists! Consider the case of some herbal concoction you like to drink. When you having it every few hours, you are bound the relish the taste and appreciate the manner in which it refreshes you. However, if you consume it through the day, without any breaks, chances are that you will not cherish the flavor any more. When you want to make an impact with your favorite perfume, use the fragrance with some gaps. Don't over-indulge or you might get desensitized to the fragrance. Remember, there is a fine difference between regularly using the fragrance and piling it on.

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