Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Decoding the Brilliance of Swiss Arabian Barq Perfume

We are constantly pursuing perfection in making exotic fragrances despite being fully aware that perfume making is largely abstract, there is nothing like the perfect perfume, but often we come across fragrances that can transform everyday living more lovable. One such fragrance we like to discuss today is Mukhalat Barq by Swiss Arabian.

What first time users of Mukhalat Barq by Swiss Arabian should expect?

If you are trying the Swiss Arabian Mukhalat Barq for the first time, don't apply too much of it. The first whiff can be slightly overwhelming. Start with a very, very small application. Those with a basic understanding of classification of fragrances will surely feel a bit of oriental in the first experience. Most users describe the fragrance to be vanilla with a slightly fruity undertone—a reason why Swiss Arabian Mukhalat Barq is becoming so popular among women. Along with vanilla, expect some tangerine. This is what makes the Mukhalat Barq an option leagues ahead of the competition. There is a bit of orange and cinnamon in it too apart from some cardamom and floral notes of rose and white wood. However, the base notes of sandalwood prevail with slight sugary fragrances and a hint of musk.

What seasoned perfumists should expect from Swiss Arabian Mukhalat Barq?

For starters, there is no way someone cannot like this exotic fragrance. It is strong without getting heavy on your senses. It is neither too floral nor woody, using just the right notes of citrus to keep the aura fresh. However, the seasoned perfume user should be able to decode the passive but prevailing spicy notes. The cinnamon and cardamom are easy to differentiate for the real perfume lover. Calling the Mukhalat Barq typically Middle Eastern is perhaps a mistake. It has a very natural fragrance with nothing that shouts for attention. Yes, the perfume bottle gives that typical Arabic aura. The oriental vanilla notes are perfectly blended with woody notes to create a sparkling fragrance. Just a bit of oud and some smoky notes, hard to decipher, are another conclusions we expect from a seasoned perfumist.

What most users of Swiss Arabian Mukhalat Barq have concluded?

  • Longevity of fragrance works very well for the Swiss Arabian Mukhalat Barq. You need to apply it minimally and still get the assurance of smelling good through the day. It is ideal for layering. You can easily blend it with other oriental fragrances, particularly the strongly citrusy options.
  • Packaging is another highlight. Most users have loved the gorgeous bottle, some opining it is so beautiful that they intentionally keep the perfume on their dressers, as a d├ęcor item!
  • Perfect amount of Oudh in a subtle form underlines the experienced perfume-making at work here

Some folks say that during the humid and moist season, the fragrance changes a bit, seeming woodier than when used during the dry, hot season. Oud and notes of rose might prevail more during the colder season. Cinnamon and sandalwood are perhaps the easiest to identify as well as the oriental vanilla flavor that is instantly perceptible. Some buyers say that rubbing a drop of this oil after a warm shower brings out the best from this brew, including a resinous feel that is actually not expected from Swiss Arabian Mukhalat Barq but still works in its favor.

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