Friday, 14 August 2015

An Outsider’s Peek into the World of Aromatherapy

In the first half of this discussion, we enlightened you about the basics of Aromatherapy, helping you get familiar with the basics. Today, we are moving ahead, going deeper into the subject, helping you get an idea about how aromatherapy evolved in its current format. We will  also talk about how aromatics work and how to use essential oils in your daily life.

Little Bit of Magic that Aromatics Bring to Our Lives—Yes, this is True!

We believe that many people still fail to realize the aura of Essential Oils and the magical way in which their scent soothes the mind. Just recently, our team was on an office-paid rendezvous to a nearby mall where we found many counters offering fragrant essential oils. Though not the purest quality they were reasonably priced and should have engaged some serious attention, or so we thought!

It was surprising to see such low footfalls at such counters. This is despite a reasonably good presentation of the counter with elaborated facts about the benefits of essential oils pasted on the walls. What surprised us even more was the fact that people testing the fragrant oil seemed so reluctant to believe that an essential oil could actually relieve their anxiety or help them feel good at the office.

Here, we would like to emphasize on this aspect. Essential oils work in a scientific, established manner that cannot be denied by anyone. For instance, our olfactory senses are known to uplift our spirits, making us feel curious, good or induce a feel of unpleasantness. Just think about everyday experience to understand this. If you to cross a stinking back lane on the way to work, would you enter your cabin in a good mood? Obviously not, and this is because the sensory system makes a big impact on our mindset. The same applies to pleasing, soulful scents associated with essential oils. The smell of rose and patchouli can actually induce a feeling of well-being.

In fact, scientific studies have firmly concluded that a good fragrance can energize us for the entire day. Unlike other sensory neural pathways, the olfactory system’s nerve fibers do not cross the switching station—named Dorsal Thalamus. Instead, these nerve fibers run directly to the limbic area of the brain, which joins to the thalamus and neo-cortex. A light rub with pure essential oils can put you to a night of deep sleep. Out of all of the five senses that rule us, the sense of smell is among the first to convey signals to the brain. So, when mood-uplifting scents hit our olfactory zones, the mind too relaxes, and we feel calmer. This is a better way to soothe your mind than popping anti-anxiety pills!

Getting started with your Aromatherapy Journey – we make the passage easier!

If you are not too sure about starting your aromatherapy journey with a room filled with fragrances, we recommend an alternate path. Here, you don't need to burn bukhoor or heat essential oils. All it requires is a small rub of your favorite essential oil the skin. Try to feel the fragrance through the day, understand how it changes in different environments, reapply it to discover its prowess. The next step can be adding a couple of drops of the chosen essential oil to warm bathing water and soaking yourself in the bathtub for slightly longer than usual.

Once you have started to appreciate the aroma, try a massage session with there the fragrant essential oil is mixed in trace amounts with the body rub oils. Now, you will feel a stronger effect, the first step into the mind-healing properties of aromatherapy. Massage uses a combination of touch, smell, and absorption that works wonderfully well for those getting started with aromatherapy. You will be able to smell the essential oils being used on the skin, the extremely small molecules will pass through the epidermis to the dermis, this is that layer of the skin that gives it the pliability. From there, the oil molecules pass into capillaries and into the rest of the circulatory system.

Feel assured that there is no risk in trying this as essential oils are essentially floral and botanical extracts. We hope your first tour into the landscape of aromatherapy creates memories for a lifetime….

For body massage we recommend the

(Please note that the notes here are slightly feminine and subtle, providing a great way to get started)

  • Those who want to start aromatherapy with floral fragrances should try Rose Essential Oil.
  • For relaxation, making your skin soft and supple and that resinous note, try our Jojoba Oil.

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