Friday, 7 August 2015

3 Easy Tips for Smelling Good & Longer when Using Perfumes:

1. Application of perfume: many folks commit the fundamental mistake of drowning themselves in repeated applications of a perfume. Some even resort to applying the scent directly on their clothes. However, it is the human skin, which presents a better landscape for applying the perfume, particularly natural fragrances. The body’s heat activates the biological compounds within the scent, making it more potent, helping you extract more out of every application.

2. Maintaining potency of your perfume: remember that most perfumes don't react well to heat or light. Changing temperatures induce unwanted changes to in their composition. So, typical areas for storing that bottle of perfume like the bathroom is actually eating into the overall effectiveness of your perfume! Keep the bottle away from direct sunlight, too much moisture or places that tend to get heated. If there is a favorite natural perfume, you can even keep it in the refrigerator, i.e. if you happen to use it occasionally. When you apply essential oils or perfumes to fabrics, you are exposing them to chemicals that are part of the fabric or those imbibed from detergents.

3. Dab, Spray or Rub? This remains an eternal question, truly for the ages, where for generations, people have argued and seldom reached a conclusion. We are daring to present you some clarity. For instance, dabbing with the fingertips is not the greatest choice since it limits the ability to spread the perfume. Some fragrance is also lost to the fingers. Rubbing is often recommended by folks as it generates heat, helping to release the volatile compounds. However, this might also lead to the perfume compounds being rubbed too hard, to the extent of losing their essence. The best option remains a very light spray followed by some dabbing—if required.

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