Saturday, 25 July 2015

Starter's Guide to Buying Pure Essential Oils

The essential oil marketplace remains somewhat unorganized. We feel there is a genuine lack of guidance in this niche with too many people claiming to be the best. Before we jump into the discussion, please make sure that you realize essential oils are plant oils with a strong aroma. These are not diluted oils. Many essential oils can be mixed to create a more aromatic blend and stronger therapeutic properties. Essential oils are usually meant for external applications. Now that we have summarized the basics, let us proceed towards the art of finding high quality essential oils…

Every Oil that Relieves Symptoms is Not Pure Essential Oil

For starters, don't get misled by terms like therapeutic grade essential oils. This does not mean greater purity. It does not guarantee that you are buying the best. Similarly, different certifications for purity don't mean that the essential oils have been fully tested for purity.
You need to understand that therapeutic uses of essential oils is a globally accepted fact but it does not fall within the realm of healthcare or pharmaceutical certification. If an aromatic oil helps you relax or get rid of congestion, it does not mean that it has cured your problem. Advertisers who claim an essential oil to be of high quality because it can resolve some common symptoms, like headache, are trying to oversell the product!

Read Labels Closely

The next step lies in carefully reading the label. Don't get fooled by big fonts and colorful logos or penetrative advertising that brands use today. When you are buying essential oils, you are actually paying for pure organic ingredients. Many fraudulent manufacturers use mere essence or traces of the essential oil with the remaining composition containing cheaper ingredients. To ensure you reading the label correctly, try to locate the botanical Latin names. If you are looking for Peppermint Essential Oil, the scientific term, Mentha piperita, along with its composition percentage should be clearly listed!

We insist that you purchase essential oils procured from verifiable sources. Many illegal warehouses rebrand second-grade stuff and sell it at a profit. Don't be fooled by the promise of very low prices. Essential oils have never been priced cheaply. It takes expertise and handling of rare herbs and plants to extract the smallest, useful amount of an essential oil.

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