Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Part 2 – Decoding Common, Everyday Fragrances

Every Perfume Has a Note, Some are Easy to Identify
In the first part of this discussion, we had shared some of the most common fragrances that form a part of our environment. Now, we are taking this discussion further, trying to round-up some more fragrances. After reading this, if you feel that we have missed upon something, please let us know and we will be happy to update our observations. Here, we go…

Edible Fragrances

This categorization might sound a bit weird but it exists. These are fragrances emitted by food items and consumables that cannot be ignored. Typical examples of this type include coffee, especially when freshly ground, where the nutty smell has no parallel in the natural world. Other edible fragrances that come close include herbal tea concoctions where the herbal brew emanates a unique fragrance that varies in intensity according to the type of herbal tea preparation method.

Earthy Fragrances

This is among our favorites because it is so pure and natural. From hay and leather to amber and patchouli, the fragrances is so intense that it transports you into another world. We have heard people say that they can achieve trance-like state when earthy fragrances are combined into their meditation rituals.

Woody Fragrances

Agarwood, extracted from Agarwood chips, oil has a unique texture and scent. The woody scent is sinfully indulgent as you just cannot get enough of it. Also called Oud, Agarwood woody scents are hard to replicate. We recommend investing in pure, Agarwood essential oils only. Some people say that woody scents can be pungent. We disagree—from sandalwood to pine and cedar, each woody scent is very rustic and makes a connection with your soul. You just need to try these once to realize their subtle power.

Spicy Fragrances

Perhaps the most understood of contemporary fragrances due to the widespread advertising and the arrival of the perfume industry. Today, spicy fragrances have gained global presence. They are found in deodorants and even after-shave lotions. However, we are connoisseurs of natural scents. We believe that spicy notes are best found in clove, ginger, cilantro and cinnamon. When mixed with woody notes, the result is pure magic!

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