Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Helping You Understand Common Scents – Part 1

We do love fragrances but no many of us are able to decipher the difference between different types of fragrances. Today, we list some of the most common fragrances that form a part of our everyday lives. Please note that some, not all, of these fragrances are found in Essential Oils but all of these are natural fragrances with varying notes of intensity.


Floral Scents

Floral scents are the most common, most adored among men and women. This includes rose and gardenia apart from jasmine and Ylang Ylang. These essential oil fragrances have stronger notes even when mixed minimally in a concoction of natural oils. The lighter floral scents are derived from lotus, mimosa and chamomile.


Animalic Scents

This type of fragrance is a but raw, very natural and easy to recognize. Among men, Animalic fragrances like musk are the most common. Other preferred options in this niche include Ambroxan, Labdanum, Civet and Ambergris.


Aquatic Scents

Aquatic fragrances are very refreshing. Many of them are associated with the ocean, seas and that typical breezy aura. The most popular and soft aquatic fragrances include Seaweed and Cascalone. Fragrances with a hint of tropical fruits, not very fruity, are also referred to as aquatic fragrances.


Fruity Scents

Fruity fragrances are easy to recognize but people often get them mixed, finding it difficult to understand which is the basic fruit in a blend of fragrances. Here, peach, plum and apple fragrances are the most popular options, closely followed by berries.


Citrus Scents

Citrus fragrances are slightly fruity and associated with being very close to nature. Among these, blood orange and orange fragrances are globally regarded as the strongest, very easy to decode because of the impact they have on the olfactory senses. Lemon verbena is considered equally strong but is not very common. The more pungent, overpowering citrusy fragrances include grapefruit, lime and lemon.


Green Scents

Yes, green is not just a color but also a type of fragrance! Green fragrances are usually very natural, associated with the outdoors, vegetation and that feeling of freshness. Typically green fragrances include anise, fennel, lavender and basil among which BASIL is considered the most widely acknowledged green fragrance. Slightly softer fragrances in this segment include grass, green tea and mint.

In the follow-up to this discussion, we will present some more common scents that surround us but we often fail to recognize them. Also, you can explore some special deals on natural oils and perfumes that can uplift your mood and help you smell good throughout the day.

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