Saturday, 18 July 2015

Global Demand for Halal Scents Reaches Unprecedented Levels

Growing Footprints of Halal Perfumes in 2014-15
It is hard to figure out why the global e-commerce industry has been passive in recognizing the enormous potential of the Islamic perfume marketplace. The Gulf alone accounts for nearly SR12 billion via sale of everyday and exotic perfumes. The Saudi market is not far behind, average at more than SR5 billion, making these demographics one of the biggest consumers of scents and perfumes.

Perhaps, no other consumer demographic can account for such a constant need for pure, organic perfumes. Still, it has taken popular online shopping brands more than anticipated time to realize this unaddressed potential. The Gulf region remains a constant spender on cosmetics apart from perfumes, with a preference for bukhoor and oud. Combined with the growing liberalization of Islamic wear and greater adoption of skincare products, the Gulf presents a massive opportunity to web-based perfume markets like—among the pioneers in this segment.

Industry observers believe this trend is not about a fashion revolution but about a greater conversion of ordinary, speculative buyers into discerning customers who have realized the worth of pure, traditional fragrances that are free from alcohol and chemical ingredients that became invasive in the cosmetic industry from 1980s onwards.

This trend takes an even steeper hike during the Ramadan season, including the ongoing 2015 Ramadan scent sale figures, where the demand is reaching unprecedented levels across the Saudi Kingdom and its neighbors. Online retailers are getting increasing number of queries where buyers insist on Halal perfumes—though to be a smart Eid gifting option!

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