Saturday, 18 July 2015

Delving Deeper into Contemporary Arabic Perfume Trends

Conventionally, people bought perfumes and expensive scents on special occasions, such as the ongoing season of Ramadan. However, recent trends in the Arabic perfume marketplace suggest that the most traditional marketplaces are now evolving, moving out of the realm of seasonal demands. The change in lifestyle and culture along with global influences are bringing about this shift. Today, better grooming trends means that the contemporary Muslimah is ready to invest in organic perfumes as a part of everyday regimens—A sentiment echoed in traditional perfume shops of Jeddah and streets of Karachi to online perfume buying platforms like

People who once bought rare oil perfumes only during the Eid season are now gifting perfumes more regularly across a range of special occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries. Online stores active in this niche say that the enthusiasm often translates into asking for special gift-wrapping of premium Arabic perfumes.

For pilgrims to expatriates, individuals and families are realizing that their tradition-rich perfumes made from organic compounds, with Halal-free composition, are the best bet when it comes to gifting without being too sure about the preferences of an individual. This includes some organic products outside the realm of oud and bukhoor, such as Agarwood. These perfumes are made from rare, natural extracts with a skin-safe formulation.

The current expansion in the perfume market has led to international perfume creators entering this segment. They are either bringing Gulf-popular perfume brands to a larger, international audience or experimenting more with products like Agarwood Chips.

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