Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Short Discussion on Changing Perfume Perceptions in 2014-15

This is a discussion about how people’s perception about perfume is undergoing a transformation. We are focusing on traditional users of fragrances that are abundant in Arabian societies and those outside the realm of Arabian culture also.

Covering the Basics First

It is fair to say that the perfume industry is witnessing a constant change. Things are in motion as consumer preferences fluctuate with spending habits ranging from a few Dirham to hundreds of dollars. While the overall perfume industry inthe Middle East continues to register massive profits, things are not as enthusiastic in other parts of the world. Difference lies in how the rich cultural heritage in Middle East Asia pursues perfumery with passion. In other nations, people are being deviated from natural fragrances with the advent of cheaper alternatives, including celebrity perfumes.


Different Perfume Landscapes

From what we can understand, the difference lies in how people perceive scents. For many Muslim men and women it is about individuality. They believe fragrances define their persona. For others, it might be just a case of smelling good for a few hours. For Arabic women, wearing perfume is also liberating in a somewhat restricted grooming regimen. Easy to apply and with some therapeutic properties, natural scents are a great way to feel good throughout the day.


Effects are Industry-wide

However, we cannot quote that the Arabian perfume industry has not been affected by the state of flux found across the world. Perfumery, as we know it, is undergoing a drastic change. People are ready to explore more, moving away from standard scents that once contributed to easy sales. While celebrity endorsement might not be big across Arab world, celebrity-promoted scents are now beginning to compete. This does not bode well for an industry that largely depends on the reputation of the purity of its naturally extracted essential oils.


Things to Expect as We Move Ahead…

Industry trendsetters suggest that perfumery is now gaining a more promotional form. For instance, classic perfume bottles that once ruled are now giving way to bottle designs that are contemporary, almost artistic but without the design dynamics found among classical perfume bottles. Reputations still matter as the French perfume industry that has conventionally dominated global sales is finding tough competition from some emerging nation brands from eastern parts of Europe and Latin America. Like we said, it is not just about reputations any more. This applies to the targeted consumers also. China has emerged as a strong contender for the biggest of global brands in this segment like Dior and Chanel.

We will continue our discussion about the changes underway in the fragrance industry and trends that are engaging a lot of attention. We still believe that boutique essential oil and natural perfume retailers like Mukhallat.com will survive as the contemporary consumer is increasingly moving away from typically manufactured goods.

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